Pre-built OmicSoft Amazon Linux 2 AMIs

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We recommend specifying one of the following latest Mono6-based AMIs within your ArrayServer.cfg Cloud Section, e.g.


(replace the Ami and AmiSnapshot parameters based on your region, using the table below).

If you are installing or migrating a new OmicSoft Server installation, we recommend using our pre-built "OmicSoft Server" AMIs to quickly start the OmicSoft Server instance.

OmicSoft Suite v12.1: Mono6-based, R4.0.4, Docker 20 AMIs for Oshell version 12.1 (recommended)

These AMIs were built for use with OmicSoft Suite 12.1, using the steps described on Install OmicSoft v12 on Amazon Linux 2 for Omicsoft Cloud Computing.

Date Created Region AMI Name AMI ID AMI Snapshot ID
27-05-2022 US-East-1 (Virginia) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-068dfe9f4c37b826b snap-05613ab52f35782ad
27-05-2022 US-East-2 (Ohio) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-02ec428f41bee07e0 snap-0b55560d690ffbecc
27-05-2022 US-West-1 (N. California) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-05456148f251c34b1 snap-082bb500cfec21f09
27-05-2022 US-West-2 (Oregon) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-0e4caab0378825227 snap-05c31e04d7e2a5ef2
27-05-2022 EU-West-1 (Ireland) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-0f48bea81fae2afd5 snap-081c2402df737abb7
27-05-2022 EU-West-2 (London) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-0e2d88889560b20f0 snap-071a0edc4384b3a51
27-05-2022 EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-00f62d1fbec4d5f30 snap-08006125ac2455287
27-05-2022 AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-05c46f5335906ed90 snap-0cd8a59ee2bcadd5b
27-05-2022 AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney) Oshell.V12-p-mono6-amazonlinux2-20220519 ami-067d4b0b894a17d38 snap-0358092b4b0838a18

OmicSoft Suite v11.2: AMIs with AWS M5 Support

These AMIs are built on Amazon Linux 2 and support M5-class EC2 instances.

Tips.pngCheck with your AWS administrator whether AMIs must be white-listed before using in your AWS account

Date Created Region Name AMI ID AMI Snapshot ID
9/2021 US-East-1 (Virginia) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-050314645361216ea snap-0354bd86f8afd9cc6
9/2021 US-West-1 (N. California) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-09c8d1cb2aad2d9c1 snap-0d3bb0eb5a020820c
9/2021 US-West-2 (Oregon) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-07a510609de9179bb snap-031e9f3a6cd88c926
9/2021 EU-West-1 (Ireland) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-0d0954d388d438062 snap-04be817b8122205c3
9/2021 EU-West-2 (London) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-0bb667eab6a7c00cb snap-0bd6256d13c196ac9
9/2021 EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-09216f33b61ff2ca1 snap-0840ef08d058b7ff2
9/2021 AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-04e8df1b067a88b8d snap-0a43e9fb44d78cd9d
9/2021 AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney) OfficialOshell_2021AmazonLinux2Mono6 ami-0abc4cb1e9633c08b snap-099a6a570a794d82d