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In the List Analysis Wizard and searching gene user interface, the user has the option to translate a list of IDs to another list of IDs based on an ID translation file provided by the administrator. This translation mechanism, unlike the built-in ID->MasterID mapping system provided by the server, allows real-time translation management (i.e. adding/removing a translation file without restarting Array Server) and allows 1->N relationship (for ID->MasterID mapping, it is always a 1->1 relationship or n->1 relationship. A specific ID within a certain ID type can never map to more than 1 master IDs). An example of such a translation is miRNA->Gene symbol translation which is a 1->N relationship (e.g. hsa-let-7a-5p and hsa-let-7a-3p are mapped to gene id MI0000060).


Input Data Requirement

This function requires a tab-delimited translation file, with two columns. The first column is the source ID (e.g. miRNA ID), and the second column lists the target IDs (e.g. gene symbols) separated by comma(,) or semicolon(;). Column headers (first row) should not be provided.



  • Add: Add new translations to the server. By default, no translations are provided by Omicsoft.
  • Remove: Remove the selected existing translation.


The list of translations available on the server will be updated. New translations will become immediately available for users to translate IDs.


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