Frequently Asked Land Questions

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1. Where can I find the TCGA marker paper?

You can find the TCGA maker paper here

2. What are the meanings of different terms in TCGA metadata and clinical data?

TCGA provides a brief "dictionary" for its terminology. Users can find it here

3. I noticed that you have very updated and rich metadata for TCGA patient population.I was particularly interested in subtype annotation you have for various cancer-types such as Colon CRC [Expression][Cluster], Glioblastoma GBM [Expression][Cluster], Breast BRCA [PAM50], etc. Can you please provide source information (publication etc.) that you used to annotate samples across all disease-type?

Clusters and cancer subtype classifications are extracted from TCGA marker papers (     

4. Have you validated the signature or just used what was in the publications?

Currently, we only provide signatures and clusters listed in the publications

5. How can I find the pipeline for different data types in TCGA Land?

Omicsoft re-process the RNAseq data while other data types' pipeline can be found here: