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The OmicSoft Studio on the Cloud add-on feature enables users to directly launch AWS Cloud analyses of NGS data directly from OmicSoft Studio. This feature is perfect for the user who needs scalable NGS analysis capabilities but does not have OmicSoft Suite.


Warning.png WARNING:
These preferences are only to set up Studio on the Cloud without OmicSoft Server. Most users will use Array Server to interact with Cloud resources, and should not have to configure anything here.


  • Cloud provider: only "Amazon" now. We are developing for other cloud providers: Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Region: the region provides storage and computing instances.
  • Access and Secret key as defined by Amazon
  • Omicsoft cloud directory: The Omicsoft directory must be a valid cloud storage URL (e.g. /mybucket/OmicsoftDirectory). If the bucket already exists, make sure that it is stored in the same Region specified above. If the bucket does not exist, OmicSoft will create it in the Region specified above. Recommended bucket name: Omicsoft.YourGroupName.YourInstituteName
  • Cloud user name: By default, this is your computer user ID. If you plan to share the cloud projects across different computers, keep the user name the same as your computer user name. If you plan to share the projects across multiple users, provide a group name here, and make sure all the users provide the same group name.


CloudPreferences Window VolumeTab.png

The Omicsoft volume is used to store annotations, CDF files, mutation annotators, reference libraries and other Omicsoft files on the cloud. Although the whole volume can be recreated, it is strongly recommended that the user chooses the correct volume size to avoid volume regeneration. By default, it uses an 100GB EBS block.


CloudPreferences Window AdvancedTab.png

  • Use HTTP instead of HTTPS: Will use HTTP instead of HTTPS when syncing between local and cloud storage.
  • Enable Amazon Spot Instances: Instead of using AWS On-demand instances, run cloud analyses on spare compute instances available as Spot Instances, which can result in up to 90% cost savings.
  • Enable server based data encryption: Use data encryption on server.
  • Maximum number of instances to launch: Cloud instances will launch based on sample number. If there are more samples than maximum number of instances defined here, other samples will wait until there are spots available.
  • Instance profile ARN: If the user does not have full privileges to create instance profiles, an instance profile ARN (Amazon Resource Name) can be specified here.
  • AMI Details: Specify a specific AMI for performing NGS analysis. We recommend using the latest AMIs available for your region on This Page.


OmicSoft Studio uses Amazon SQS to communicate with the launched EC2 instances. The data transfer is over HTTPS, thus encrypted, however data at rest (stored in Amazon S3) is not encrypted as this feature is not implemented for Studio on the cloud. It is however supported and enabled by default for OmicSoft Server cloud analysis.