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Notice the tabs across the top of the Array Studio workspace. These include "Analysis" (Array Studio), "Server" (Array Server), Browser (Genome Browser) and "Help". This User Guide is focused on the Server tab only.


Upon selecting the "Server" tab and opening a server project, the Array Server workspace is displayed. This workspace is comprised of four distinct windows as indicated below (Project/Data Explorer, Data Viewer, Details window, View controller). These windows can be independently opened/closed or moved within the workspace. Additionally, the windows provide interactive visualization (i.e. selecting a table or view in the Solution Explorer will determine the options and data presented in the Data view, Details window and View Controller).


Pushpin buttons are available to control the behavior of the workspace windows. If the pushpin is facing to the left


the window will auto hide upon loosing mouse focus. When the user rolls the mouse pointer over the hidden view, it will reappear. Clicking the pushpin button so that it is facing downwards


causes the window to remain in constant view.

The workspace windows can also be controlled from the View menu. If one of the desired windows is not visible (such as View Controller), you can open it by selecting View | Show View Controllers.