Viewing Data

From Array Suite Wiki
  • To add a view, right click on the dataset of interest and select "Add View"
  • As Views are added, they are stored in the Solution Explorer by projects
  • To open an existing view, select it in the "Solution Explorer" and either double-click or right click and select "Open"
  • To close a view, click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the view window or right click on the tab as select "Close"
  • Each time a new view is opened, an additional tab will appear across the top of the "Data Viewer" window
  • These tabs can be dragged down into the viewer and positioned to split the viewer horizontally or vertically
  • Placing the cursor over a tab will display the "project name" |"dataset name" | "view"
  • Right clicking on a tab will display one of the following sub-windows depending on the current views that are open:

Close: Closes the active view
Prominent: Expands the active view to the full window size
Rebalance: Resizes the windows in the tab group to equivalent sizes
Move to Next Tab Group: Moves active view to next tab group
New Horizontal Tab Group: Places active view into a new horizontal tab group
New Vertical Tab Group: Places active view into a new vertical tab group
Move to Previous Tab Group: Moves active view from current group to previous location

  • Selecting F10 will float the active view into an additional window
  • Your active view (not active project) will determine the default selected data