Variable Tab

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The "Variable" tab in the "View Controller" allows the user to filter the variables of the -omic data set. It contains the names of every row in the associated Annotation table by default.


The toolbar icons for the Variable and Observation views are defined as follows:

Image057.png Collapse All: will collapse all the filters to return the user to the view above.

Image058.png Expand All: will expand all the filters.

Image059.png Reset All Filters: will reset all filters to the default states (no filter).

Image060.png Clear All Filters: will clear all filters, including removing any added filters.

Image061.png Show/Hide Columns: will bring up a dialog box to determine which columns, and in what order, will be displayed in the Filter tab.

Image062.png Add List Filter: will add a list filter to the currently selected column in the Filter tab. At this point in the tutorial, the user does not yet have a List so this will be discussed in more detail later.

Image063.png Options - allows the user to group the filters. This is useful when looking at filters for an Inference Report, but has no real use for the Observation tab of a data object.

In addition, the user can set Match All Columns (default) or Match Any Columns for the filters (this is the equivalent of AND or OR for multiple filters).


The icon next to each column name can be used to expand or minimize each individual column for filtering. Image065.png