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Transpose Table


The Transpose Table menu option will transpose, or "flip", a Table and create a new Table object in the Solution Explorer. Rows will become columns and columns will become rows. It can be accessed by going to Table|Transpose.

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Input Data Requirements

This command works on all “Table” objects, including Design Tables and Annotation Tables.

Note: Unlike other programs, there is no limit on the size of a dataset to be transposed. Array Studio has successfully handled transposing datasets with 100,000+ rows that became 100,000+ columns.

Step 1: Select source table

The user will first be asked to choose the table to Transpose.


Step 2: Transpose

After selecting the table to transpose, the user is prompted with a "Transpose Table" window, where the user has the option of selecting the rows and columns to transpose:


Options include All rows/columns, Visible rows/columns (from a previously set Filter), Selected rows/columns, Rows/Columns in a list. This will allow the user to quickly filter the rows and columns for the new Table object. The user can enter an "Output table name", which is a name for the new Table object that will be generated. This new Table object will appear in the Table tab of the Solution Explorer.

If "Rows in a list" or "Columns in a list" is selected, the "Choose List" option becomes active, and brings up a "Select List" window where the user can select a pre-existing list to filter the rows or columns.


Output Results

A new table will be created in the Solution Explorer, with the columns and rows transposed from the source table.

Example Usage

Given the following starting table


and after transposing...


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