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Download Land Data For All Genes, For Selected Samples (Text Dump)


Users can download tab-delimited data from Lands for all genes, for a set of samples. For example, the full set of expression data for a project in DiseaseLand can be retrieved, using the SampleIDs belonging to that project.

To download data for all genes, click Download | Download Sample Data To Text Files | Download Selected Samples Across All Genes:

Land TextDumpAllGenes Menu.png


Land TextDumplAllGenes Window.png

  • Land: Select the Source Land to retrieve data from.
  • VariableSet: Specify a collection of columns (variableSet) or get none/all columns from sample meta data for all samples. Selected metadata will be downloaded in a local folder.
  • Data types to Download: Select the data type(s) to retrieve, as separate tab-delimited files.
    • Depending on the Land and samples, different data will be available.
  • Other Data
    • By default, a tab-delimited file containing one row per-gene, per-sample, will be retrieved, at the probeset/transcript level.
    • Gene level matrix data: Users can also download a Samples X Gene matrix of the selected data.
  • Output Folder:Specify a local folder to store the text dump data.

Output Results

In the specified output folder, separate files for each data type and betadata (if selected) should be found:

Land TextDumpAllGenes OutputFiles.png


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