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The "Task" tab contains all the settings for modifying the properties of the active view. These settings are divided into various sections which may include Data, Trellis, Properties, Customize and Export. The options in these sections are view sensitive. The details for modifying a "View" from the "Task" options will be covered with the particular View description. General Task options are covered below.



The options available under the data section will vary with the View that is selected. Details are provided in each of the particular View sections found later in this User Guide.


The Trellis Tab allows the user to specify different types of trellises that can be applied to a view. For those not familiar with the idea of trellising, it allows the user to group the data. The details for the various Trellising options are found in the Miscellaneous section under Trellis.


  • The Properties section contains items that allow the user to make modifications to the chart. Options may include; Change Chart Properties, Flip X/Y Axis, Change Line Properties, Change Symbol Properties, Change Color Properties, Change Fill Properties, and Specify Chart Title Pattern. Select the particular link to get details for each of these options.

The "Set As Default" button will save any properties set as the default for that particular view type. Settings are saved and can be viewed in the Preferences under the Tools | Preferences menu item.



The Customize section contains options that are view specific and allow further modifications to the view or chart. Details are provided in each of the particular View sections found later in this User Guide.


This section will allow the user to quickly generate other views by selecting one of the available options.