Table Views

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A typical Array Studio Table View is presented here. A toolbar is available at the top of the Table View window. The function of each toolbar item is described below. Notice that the table dimension are listed to the far right side of the toolbar (15923 Rows, 24 Columns)


Moving the mouse over any of the icons in the toolbar will give a short description of the button.

Image029.png Open as Text: will open current visible table in the default text editor (e.g. Notepad)
Image030.png Open in Excel: will open current visible table in Microsoft Excel
Image031.png Save as Text: will open dialog box to save current visible table as a file, in plain Text, Excel, or .osobj format.
Image032.png Copy Table to Clipboard: will copy current visible table to clipboard.
Image033.png Additional Tools: contains a popup menu for additional tool:
Find/Replace: find or replace cells in the table (this is not allowed with –Omic data but can be used with regular table data.
Match Selected Cells: select one or multiple cells in the table. Then click Match Selected Cells to find all of the other cells in the table that match the selected cells.
Next Selected Row: finds the next row in the table from that of the currently selected row.
Previous Selected Row: finds the previous row in the table from that of the previously selected row.
Go to Row: allows the user to input either the row name or the row index (starting from 1) and Array Studio will automatically scroll to the row in the table.
Image034.png Sort Table: will sort the view, opening the Sort window. The Sort window allows the user to sort by up to four different columns, in either ascending or descending order.
The sorting mentioned above only applies to the current view, and not the actual data. So if the current Table View is closed, it would need to be sorted again.
For more advanced features including sorting of the actual data instead of the view, use Data Menu | Sort Variables.

Image036.png Zoom out: will zoom out the table.
Image037.png Specify Zoom Factor: click to specific zoom factor
Image038.png Zoom in: will zoom in the table.