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Table Subset

This command works on all “Table” objects, including Design Tables and Annotation Tables. You can find the command under Table -->Subset


The user will first be asked to choose the table for which to Subset Table, then opens the Subset Table window:


The user can choose to subset both rows and columns, including all rows, visible rows, selected rows, or user defined rows; and All columns, visible columns, selected columns, or columns in a list. The output table name can also be set.


Choosing the "Columns in a list" button and selecting the "Choose List" option will allow the user to select an existing list by presenting the "Select List" window.


Omicdata subset

Subset Omic Data allows the user to subset any “Omic Data” object, using a variety of options, including subset using visible rows, selected rows, visible columns, selected columns, all rows, all columns, or a user defined set of rows or columns. Users can find the command under Omicdata -->Subset.


Similar to Table Subset, OmicData Subset would first ask you to choose the Omicdata, and then it would follow the same process of table subset.