String Filter

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The first type is referred as a String Filter. The String Filter in Array Studio allows the user to enter any string that is then used as a filter for that column. The view will be updated immediately upon filtering. For instance, typing in 2A under chip column will filter the chip column for any row that contains 2A.


When a filter is selected, it is highlighted by the radio checkbox next to it. In addition, the filter informs the user how many variables or observations passed filtering. In the example below, 3 out of 24 Observations passed filtering.


Notice that when a filter is applied, it changes to a red color in the View Controller. This can be used to quickly track what filters are in place on a heavily filtered dataset.

The String Filter is extremely powerful because different expressions can be used within this filter. For instance, if the user wanted to show all rows that had a numeric value greater than 5, typing >5 in the String Filter would quickly accomplish that. In addition, the | (Or Symbol) and & (And Symbol) can be used for concatenating multiple expressions (Note: The user can also search just like they would say it, i.e. to search for a gene Egr1 or Egr2 they would type 'Egr1 or Egr2' (without the quotes). Some symbols that can be used in the Array Studio filter include:

> Greater than

< Less than

= Equal to

>= Greater than or equal to

<= Less than or equal to

& And

And And

| Or

Or Or

^ Starts with abc

$ Ends with abc

"abc" Matches exactly abc

^abc$ Matches exactly abc

NOT Includes everything not in the filter

"" To keep only empty strings

~"" To keep only non-empty strings

Image060.png Remove any filter by either clicking the Clear All button or right-clicking on the filter and selecting Remove Filter.