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Split Table


The Split Table menu option allows the user to split a Table using contents of any columns to specify split groups, and create new Table objects in the Solution Explorer. It can be accessed by going to Table | Split Table.

Table SplitTable Menu.png

Input Data Requirements

This command works on all Table objects, including Design Tables and Annotation Tables.

Step 1: Select source table

The user will first be asked to choose the table to Split:


Step 2: Specify how to split

The "Split Table" window is then presented. In the drop down menu of Split rows by, all columns in this table will be available:


In the example below, the user has chosen to split rows by time. Since the dataset contains 4 time points, 4 new datasets can be generated by this split method. The user has the option to Check All, Check None, or individually check the split Tables that are needed.


Output Results

Clicking OK will create new Table objects that will be found in the Solution Explorer under the Table section. The new table will only include the groups defined in Step 2 in the selected column.

Example Usage

Given the following starting table and List:

SplitTable3.png SplitTable0.png

If the user checked the box for time:1, the new table will only have rows that have value 1 in time column:


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