Save and open land view

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As more and more researchers use Lands as a powerful tools for their studies, the ability to efficiently share their Land view becomes important. Array Studio now provides the module to save all settings for Land views and share it with other users.


  • Open View: Open a local .landview file. Please note that if the user has searched a gene or gene set, opening a .landview file for the same gene or gene set would be conflicting.
  • Save View: Save current view (including the gene (or gene set) the user searched, the view the user is opening, the corresponding sample (and mutation, CNV if possible) filter) into a .landview file.
  • Save Current View setting As Default: After clicking this function, current filter settings and used in the next time the user opens Array land. Save Current View setting As Default has been removed.
  • Reset Default View Setting: This option will change the settings back to Omicsoft default settings.