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Reorder Rows


The Reorder Rows Table menu option allows the user to manually reorder rows in a table. This function can be accessed by clicking Table | Rows | Reorder Rows:

Table ReorderRows Menu.png

Input Data Requirements

This command works on Table objects; however, this function will not work on Design Tables and Annotation tables, as these tables have fixed rows.

Step 1: Select source table

The user will first be presented with the "Select Data" window, and asked to choose the table in which to reorder rows:


Step 2: Row order modification

Once the desired table is selected, the user is presented with the Reorder Rows window.

Table ReorderRows Window2.png

The user can move the selected rows to the top or bottom, or can move selected rows up or down by a single position.

Table ReorderRows UpDownButtons.png

The user can also sort by ascending or descending order, reverse the list order, or reset to the original order.

Table ReorderRows SortButtons.png

Output Results

A new table will be created in the Solution Explorer with modified row order.

Example Usage

Given the following starting table and Reorder action:

Simpletable1.png Reorderrows2.png

this module will create a new Table object in the Solution Explorer, and the output table will contain re-ordered rows according to the reorder action:


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