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Reorder Columns


The Reorder Columns menu item allows the user to reorder columns in a Table object. This function can be accessed by clicking Table | Columns | Reorder Columns

Table ReorderColumns Menu.png

Input Data Requirements

This works on “Table” objects, including Design Tables and Annotation tables. It can be accessed by: Table | Columns | Reorder Columns.

Step 1: Select source table

The user will first be asked to choose the table with columns to reorder:


Step 2: Set new order of columns

The user is then presented with the "Reorder Columns" window where they can choose to manually reorder the columns using the arrow buttons, as well as sort the columns in ascending order using the sort buttons:


The user can move the selected rows to the top or bottom, or can move selected rows up or down by a single position.

Table ReorderRows UpDownButtons.png

The user can also sort by ascending or descending order, reverse the list order, or reset to the original order.

Table ReorderRows SortButtons.png

Output results

This module won't create a new table, but the reordered columns will be applied to the original table.

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