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Register Samples


ArrayServer can use used as a sample management center. Users can register samples, manage samples, run pipelines on samples and collect/publish/share analysis results of samples in ArrayServer. Only User Group levels of Lab Managers and higher can register samples. Registering samples is done through the use of a Sample Registration File.



Ways To Register Samples

Option 1

This process can be done in the Server Explorer, through the Server Sample => Register Samples menu item.


From the "Choose File Source" menu, select the appropriate option for accessing the Sample Registration File. The user has the option to select a Local File or Server File for registration. Please prepare a txt sample registration file beforehand.


Option 2

Alternatively, especially when the samples are attached with the pipeline, this process can be done by creating a .osreg file (with same content as txt file) and uploading it to the user's Instruction folder:


Note: the .osreg file will be automatically picked up and processed. It won't work if the file is not in the Instruction folder. The log file will be generated and saved in the Instruction folder.

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