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If the user previously performed Bucket Analysis or List Analysis in ArrayViewer/ArrayServer, the specific analysis parameters can be recalled using the Recall Analysis function in the Analysis menu. Users can use this function to perform the same analysis as was done previously, or modify the analysis for re-submission.


Input Data Requirements

All previously performed Bucket Analysis and List Analysis submissions by the current user can be used; an analysis has to be done previously to be recalled.

General Options

Clicking the Recall Analysis button opens the History List window.

The top half of the window shows the history of the analyses that have been performed.


The bottom half of the window shows the script used to run the selected analysis. Advanced users can edit the script. This is useful to quickly rerun a complicated analysis by changing only a few settings manually. Click the Recall button to perform the analysis.


Output Results

A List Analysis or Bucket Analysis output table will be generated.


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