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Random Subset

The Random Subset OmicData menu item allows the user to take any –OMIC data type, and create a random sample of variables and observations from it. It works on all data types. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_random_sample).

First, the user must choose which dataset upon which to run the random subset command:


Once the desired Data set is selected, the "Random Subset" window is then presented:


  • The user can choose All variables, or to Sample variables, by setting a subset size. The user can also choose All observations, to Sample observations, by setting a subset size.
  • For either type, the user can also choose to Sample with replacement, in which case the system does not avoid choosing the same variable or observation more than once.
  • The user can also name the resulting dataset.

A new -Omic RandomSubset data object is created with the associated Annotation, Design and Table data items.