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Publish a Project to the Server


Publish project function in the Server tab allows users to publish a local project to Array Server.


Publish project function in the Analysis tab allows users to publish currently opened local/server project to Array Server.


Publishing project allows authorized users to access the project. The project will also be available for searches in the Search Wizard.

Input Data Requirements

Any Local project can be published. Server projects can be published, if they are open in the [[Solution Explorer] in Array Studio, by selecting "Publish Project" in the File menu.

Tips.pngLocal projects with NGS data will copy the NGS Data object, but will not copy the actual NGS data files (e.g. BAM files) to the server. Users can re-associate BAM files with published projects by following these instructions



Choose data/items to publish

All data in the selected project will be displayed. By default, all data are selected, but the user can deselect data that should not be published.

Tips.pngWhen publishing a local project, Ngs Data objects only contain links to the actual files. Users must upload the actual aligned data separately, then re-associate these files with the NGS Data objects.

Choose data to enable full text search

Selected data will be included in searches from Search Wizard.

MetaData tab

Users can type in MetaData for the published project. Fields marked with "*" are required.

  • Load Meta Data From Published Project: Users can choose to load meta data from a published project if they share the same meta data.
  • Load Meta Data From Server Project: Users can choose to load meta data from server project if they share the same meta data.

Inference Report tab

Users can use this tab to check available data (e.g. Raw p-value, Estimate, Fold change) in each inference report and comparison.


Category tab

Users can use this tab to select appropriate categories, which are predefined by server administrator.


Publish tab


Users can use this tab to choose authorized Readers and Editors for this published project. Users can also set this published project as private, so only the publishing user and server administrators can access it.


After the project is published, authorized users can use Search Wizard to search and open this project when they connect to Array Server.

Table data expected

While publishing a project with multi tables, there might be one 'empty' table with either zero rows or zero column, in that case users might see an error 'Publish failed. Error = Table data expected', as shown below. Uncheck the box in front of those empty tables would solve this issue.

Table expected.png

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Known Issues

Curator users can read all public projects, regardless of the permissions set at project level.