Project Explorer

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Selecting the Project tab will display a project organization tree in the left window, and a project details window on the right. Selecting a particular project in the lower left window of the project tree will display the details for that project on the right.

Selecting a project and then clicking on the All Tasks button will provide options for perform on a project such as copying, Sharing, Uploading Project list and downloading the project to the local machine.


Selecting a project will display all the relative meta data and associated project information.


Then clicking on the "Show Data" button will download the project and associated analysis:


Multiple projects can be downloaded and opened in the "Project Explorer". Each project can contain multiple datasets. Selecting a dataset (or any node within it) will display the associated views in the "Data Viewer" window.

You can easily organize your data and lists by using folders. Within the Project, you can rename any data, view or folder by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "Rename". Many other context sensitive functions are available by clicking the right mouse button. Details for these functions are below under "Common Right Mouse button Commands".

Note: Any changes made will not affect the original project, but can be saved in a new version of the original project.