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Predict Response


The Predict Response module will predict a new dataset based on previously stored forecaster (from the Regression command). A "Prediction" table is generated that shows the prediction of the forecasters of the new dataset.

To run this module, type MicroArray | Predict | Predict Response.

Predict Response menu.png

Input Data Requirements

It works on -Omic data types.

General Options



  • Project & Data: The window includes a dropdown box to select the Project and Data object to be filtered.
  • Variables: Selections can be made on which variables should be included in the filtering (options include All variables, Selected variables, Visible variables, and Customized variables (select any pre-generated Lists)).
  • Observations: Selections can be made on which observations should be included in the filtering (options include All observations, Selected observations, Visible observations, and Customized observations (select any pre-generated Lists).
  • Output name: The user can choose to name the output data object.


  • Specify Model File: This is where the user selects a previously generated model file to be used for prediction of the new dataset, genereted by the Regression module.
  • Observation normalization: Specify the observation normalization method for the new data. If the user previously used Observation normalization when doing Regression to generate the model, the same method should be set the same here as well. Options are "None", "Center", and "CenterScale".
    • Normalize against all variables: Checking this box will normalize the observation using all the variables in the new dataset (instead of just the variables chosen in the Variables section).

Output Results

A table is generated containing predictions, including Design Table information from the dataset:



Predict Response

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