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Paste Columns


The Paste Columns menu option allows a user to paste, from the clipboard, a new table into the Table object in Array Studio. The Table object is then completely overwritten with that from the clipboard. This could be useful if the user needs to quickly add multiple columns of data to your table. Export the table to Excel, add the columns, and then copy and paste it back into the original Table object in Array Studio. It can be accessed by going to Table | Columns | Paste Columns.

Warning.png WARNING: This new table must contain a header column (i.e. chip, ID, etc), and must contain the exact number of rows and names as the original table.

Input Data Requirements

This module works on “Table” objects, but does not work on Design Tables, Annotation Tables, or Inference Reports as these table types have fixed rows.

Step 1 Copy the table to clipboard

User will first copy the table to clipboard and get ready to be pasted to the selected table.

Step 2: Select target table


Then user will be asked to choose which table to replace.

Output Results

The selected table will be replaced by the one user copied into the clipboard.

Example Usage

Giving the following starting table:


and copying this table from Excel file:


After past it to the original table, it turns to be this: