Open Shared View

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This function allows users to open a view that is shared by other people through Array Server or Array Viewer.



No Input is required, except for a ViewID. The user who shared the view must also ensure that shared View permissions are set to allow the recipient to open the View.

Shared View List

The Shared View List window displays a list of shared views which the user is authorized to access.


Select a View, and click OK.


The user is provided options to either save or open the selected view.


By clicking Open, the View will be immediately opened in the same state when it was shared.


Clicking Save will prompt the user to find a folder on the local computer to save the View. A small Array Studio project (.osprj) file, as well as .osobj files, will be saved in the specified directory:


The user can open the .osprj file in Array Studio to see the shared View.

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