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Omicsoft cloud directory: The Omicsoft directory must be a valid cloud storage URL (e.g. /mybucket/OmicsoftDirectory). Be sure that the bucket already exists, and make sure that it is stored in the same region specified above.

Warning.png WARNING: Be sure not to include a trailing / after the directory because some cloud providers like AWS S3 will create an un-named directory which will become problematic (i.e. such un-named directories won't be visible in most contexts like Studio's Server File Browser or other GUI clients like FileZilla)

Recommended bucket name: Omicsoft.YourGroupName.YourInstituteName

For Cloud integration with ArrayServer, this directory will be largely used to store reference libraries and gene models for alignments and analysis.

Example OmicsoftCloudDirectory contents:


For Cloud integration with Array Studio (without ArrayServer), project data will also be stored here.