OmicSoft Server Ubuntu 20 AMI

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Tips.pngThe information on this page is relevant to OmicSoft Suite V11 and below. Please visit Getting Started for updated information on newer versions.

Prebuilt AMIs for OmicSoft Server in Amazon Web Services

OmicSoft provides and recommends using these pre-built "Amazon Machine Images" (AMIs) for quick, straightforward setup of your OmicSoft Server in the AWS Cloud environment. These AMIs were built following the steps on Install_OmicSoft_Server_On_Ubuntu_20.

For the latest detailed instructions on configuring this AMI and the Cloud Analysis add-on, e-mail After receiving the instructions, a new OmicSoft Server can be started quickly from the AMI corresponding to your region.

Date Created Region AMI Name AMI ID
August 2021 us-west-1 (California) OmicSoft Server UW1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0cd5dae5e75dc344b
August 2021 us-west-2 (Oregon) OmicSoft Server UW2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-076d9cec977739f6c
August 2021 us-east-1 (Virginia) OmicSoft Server UE1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0a1cded2dc8eb1b36
August 2021 eu-west-1 (Ireland) OmicSoft Server EW1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0e77d00bf2110121e
August 2021 eu-west-2 (London) OmicSoft Server EW2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0c517fb8df09fbef3
August 2021 eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) OmicSoft Server EC1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-0cdf9fd011bd280be
August 2021 ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) OmicSoft Server ASE2-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-027cd9e5723104448
August 2021 ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) OmicSoft Server ANE1-mono6-ubuntu20-20210810 ami-08bb7fde284a9f70b

Whether or not you use OmicSoft's prebuilt Server AMIs, we recommend using our Analysis AMIs for OmicSoft Server on the Cloud: Pre-built_OmicSoft_Ubuntu_AMIs