OmicSoft Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

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OmicSoft Images for Amazon Web Services Deployment

OmicSoft Server can be deployed on your on-prem installation, or in a Cloud-based virtual machine, and be configured to run NGS analyses in on-demand "EC2" instances. OmicSoft provides a set of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to support both of these cases, but it's important not to confuse the two!

Amazon Machine Images for OmicSoft Server

If you are installing OmicSoft Server in your AWS environment, start from one of these images to get started quickly. Do not use these images for the Cloud Analysis AMIs.

Amazon Machine Images for Cloud Analysis

If you have the "Array Server Cloud" software add-on, you can configure your OmicSoft Server installation to launch NGS analysis in temporary EC2 instances, using one of these images. Do not use these images for setting up a new OmicSoft Server.