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Multiple Group Test


The Multiple Group Test allows the user to perform a K-Sample FTest or KruskalWallis test for each variable to see determine whether different groups share the same mean, generating an Inference Report. However, this menu option is not the recommended option for a t-test. Use of the General Linear Model is preferred for a more complete statistical inference test. To run this module, type MicroArray | Inference | Other Tests | Multiple Group Test.

MulipleGroup menu.png

Input Data Requirements

This function works on -Omic data types.

General Options



  • Project & Data: The window includes a dropdown box to select the Project and Data object to be filtered.
  • Variables: Selections can be made on which variables should be included in the filtering (options include All variables, Selected variables, Visible variables, and Customized variables (select any pre-generated Lists)).
  • Observations: Selections can be made on which observations should be included in the filtering (options include All observations, Selected observations, Visible observations, and Customized observations (select any pre-generated Lists).
  • Output name: The user can choose to name the output data object.


  • Test type: Select the Test Type (available types are (FTest or KruskalWallis)").
  • Group: By default it is set to be All. Users can further define a factor in the design table to see whether the samples in each level of the group are from the same population with hypothesized mean.
  • Multiplicity: The user can specify a Multiplicity test (None, FDR_BH, FDR_BY, Bonferroni, Sidak, StepDownBonferroni, StepDownSidak, and StepUp--with BDR_BH being the default option)
  • Generate significant list: Checking this box generates a List of significant rows based on the test.
  • Alpha level: Specify the p-value cutoff to be used for the generation of the List.

Output Results

Clicking Submit will generate a new Inference Report in the Inference tab of the Solution Explorer for the requested test.



Multiple Group Test

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