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The Merge OmicData menu item allows the user to Merge multiple datasets (of the same type), by using both observations and variable names for matching and merging purposes. If the variables or observations do not match, there is the potential to create missing data with this command. First, the user must choose which dataset upon which to run the merge command:


The" Merge Data" window is opened where the user can choose any number of datasets to merge:


  • The plus sign can be used to open the "Select Data" window to add additional datasets.
  • The Minus sign will remove the dataset from the Merge Data window.
  • The Up/Down arrows can be used to reorder the datasets in the "Merge Data" window.
  • The Red/Green arrow icon becomes active when two datasets are selected together, allowing the user to swap the positions of the two datasets.
  • The user can optionally generate a source column to indicate where each variable or observation came from with the merge (in either the design table or annotation table).
  • Additionally, the user can specify an output name for the merged dataset.