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Manage ArraySuite Users


Administrators can use this function to add, delete, and edit ArrayServer users. In addition to being able to set members of a user group via the Manage User Groups | Set Members button, the user group can be set in this window as well.


User Management window:


  • Add User: Allows the administrator to enter basic details about a user, including identifying the user group(s) to which they should belong.
  • Delete User: Delete a user.
  • Update User: Update a user profile after making changes.
  • Export Users: Export details of all users to a text file.

General Tab

The General tab contains general information about the user (name, password, company, etc.), as well as the user group information. The The Contact section contains additional contact information about a user (Email, Phone, Web link, etc.)

Usage Tab

The Usage tab can be used to limit usage for a particular user, including disabling an account, setting an expiration date, search quota, showing the number of searches that they have performed, project quota, showing the number of projects that they have downloaded, profile quota, and showing the number of profiles that they have downloaded.


Privilege Tab

User privileges can be set via the groups to which they belong, as well as the groups that can see or edit this user's published projects.

  • User Groups can be used to assign users to groups.
UserMgmt 5.png
  • [Folder Reader] User groups control who can read this user's folder.
UserMgmt 01.png
  • [Folder Editor] User groups controls who can edit this user's folder.
UserMgmt 02.png
Tips.png To achieve maximum user privacy/security, when a new user is added by Add User, both [Folder Reader] User groups and [Folder Editor] User groups are set to EMPTY. This way, only Administrator and the new user can read/write this new user's folder.

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