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Warning.png WARNING: Array Viewer and is no longer supported for OmicSoft Suite v12 and above. All references to Array Viewer from the document below are obsolete.

Click the Manage Sessions button in the "Manage" menu to manage the sessions for the server.

This opens the Session Management window. This window includes three tabs: Sessions, Users, and Log. The sessions tab will show any active sessions on the server at that moment. In the example shown below, the UserID mnewman is executing the MannageSessions.Fetch command. The Status column also shows the status of that session, as well as the duration and any potential errors. The LAST MESSAGE column shows the last message received from the server for that session. An administrator can select a particular SessionID and click the End Session button to end most of the sessions (some special sessions cannot be canceled for data integrity purpose – all these non-cancelable sessions involving writing significant amount of data to the server), although this is not advised unless there is a valid reason for this to be done.

The administrator also has the ability to select the time between refreshes for sessions by setting the Automatically refresh sessions for every ___ seconds box (no less than 10 seconds).

The status bar of the Sessions tab also shows the server that the administrator is using, as well as the total number of sessions and users logged into the server. Users and sessions are two different concepts in Array Server/Viewer. A single user can have multiple sessions by opening multiple Array Studio/Viewer windows and performing multiple tasks. On the other hand, if a user has executed a session and is using Array Viewer in “offline” mode, there will be no active sessions connected to the server, but the user will still be counted as an active user by the server as long as they keep Array Studio/Viewer open.


The Users tab shows the users that are currently logged into the server. A user will be logged into the server if Array Viewer is open on their computer. Selecting a user and clicking the Suspend User button will suspend a user’s session and that user will have to log in again. Note: if the same user ID was logged in from another computer before the current computer closes Array Viewer, it will automatically suspend the user from the current computer.

Log in time and Last active time for a user are also shown, as well as the user’s Suspend status. If a user’s computer restarts or shuts off while Array Studio/Viewer was open, users will automatically be suspended by the server after 30 minutes)


Finally, the Log tab shows a log of the recent commands performed by the server. This is useful for debugging any potential issues, as well as monitoring overall server usage. The same log was also written into file ARRAYSERVER.LOG on the server.