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When creating a new server project, certain metadata fields, such as organism, data platform, etc., are best restricted to a controlled set of options, or at least have suggested field entries. ArrayServer administrators can specify a list of entries to pre-populate meta data fields for a project. This module can be found in Manage | Manage Predefined List.


Step 1: Choose Predefined List


Users can specify predefined lists for Category, ListCategory, Organism, Study Type, Keywords, Platform, PlatformType, PlatformOrganism, PlatformProvider, and any other selectable meta data fields (either project level or raw data file level). These fields can be defined in the project/SampleSet meta data template file (Default.template) or raw data meta data template file (sample.template).

If a field has an input type of “Select”, the user must select from a pre-defined list, while if a field has an input type of “Combo”, it can be filled by a predefined list item or user-specified. If the field is defined at the sample level (raw data file level), it will automatically have a prefix “Sample|”.

Step 2: Edit entries for the Predefined List


The user can edit the list of terms directly in the text box, load from a file, or paste terms from the clipboard.

  • Load: load from a text file.
  • Paste: Paste from the clipboard.
  • Submit: Submit the list.

Step 2a (optional): specifying Input field trees

Metadata fields with pre-defined lists can optionally be organized in a "tree" hierarchy, by specifying "Tree" FieldType in default.template.

The "\" symbol can be used to indicate the hierarchy. For example, Mouse\Inbred\FVB will create a tree structure like below).


Output Results

After specifying the terms in a pre-defined list, these terms can be found in the appropriate metadata field when creating a new server project.

For example, if the Organism field is specified with these terms:

Server PredefinedList TextBox.png

then the Create Server Project window field for Organism will look like this:

Server CreateProject OrganismField.png

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