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Array Server administrators can use Manage User Groups to manage user groups. Every user belongs to one or more user groups. User groups are a convenient way to manage controlled read/edit access to published project.


By default, Array Server contains a group for administrators, curators, editors, and standard users. These groups cannot be deleted. Administrators have all privileges, Curators can update meta data for all public projects, Editors can update meta data and update predefined lists for all public projects (as well as upload and replace previous projects), and Standard users is the default group (and has no additional privileges).


  • Add: Add a user group

  • Remove: Select a user group and remove it.
  • Update: Select a user group to update. User can use this to set group managers and change group description.

  • Set Members: Select a user group and set its members.

Output Results

User groups can be used to restrict reading and editing privileges for published projects on Array Server.

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