Land Explorer vs Array Studio Lands

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Land Explorer vs Array Studio Lands

OmicSoft Lands provide access to thousands of disease-related 'Omics projects, with robust, interactive, customizable visualizations in Array Studio. Now there is an even easier way to access OmicSoft Land resources: Land Explorer.

The best Land access solution depends entirely on the needs of the user.

Land Explorer

Land Explorer is designed to be the quickest and easiest way to access Land data resources for quick lookups of curated data.

  • Easy to get started
    • Web-based (Chrome recommended)
    • No installation required
    • Intuitive interface
  • Streamlined visualizations
    • Simplified filtering and grouping
    • Visualizations designed for quick queries
    • Additional filters/Views can be added for advanced users
  • Powerful queries
    • Simple custom queries
    • Almost all Lands are available
    • Thousands of datasets accessible with a few mouse clicks
  • Read-only
    • No advanced functions for dynamic analysis
    • Quickly export table data for the plotted data

OmicSoft Studio Lands

OmicSoft Studio Lands are designed to get as much as possible from OmicSoft Land content, and is designed for the advanced biologist or bioinformatician.

  • Designed for the user who wants explore all aspects of Land data
    • Windows/Mac application
    • Powerful, fully featured interface
    • Optimized for large and complex queries, up to hundreds of genes at a time
  • Robust visualizations
    • Visualizations for over 20 genomic data types
    • Filter and regroup data on any metadata column
    • Fully customizable and interactive visualizations
    • Integration with the OmicSoft Genome Browser
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Define custom cohorts on cutoffs from data and metadata
    • Dynamic correlation tests on custom cohorts to reveal new insights, within and between data types
    • Download Land data to OmicSoft Studio for even more powerful analyses
Feature Land Explorer Array Studio Lands
Installation Web-based Windows/Mac
Target User Bench Scientist, Group Leader Advanced user/Bioinformatician
Land Availability 500,000+ OncoLand/DiseaseLand samples OncoLand/DiseaseLand
Best used for Quick exploration of data, expression/mutation/CNV queries Advanced analysis of ‘Omic data, finding correlations between data, data export
Custom visualizations for 'Omic Data Types Streamlined interactive visualizations Fully-customizable visualizations
Custom Queries Yes Yes
Custom Cohorts ("SampleSets") No Define and analyze custom SampleSets
Custom analytics No Identify top mutations/fusions/CNV, differential expression/mutations/splicing/CNV, mutation load, and more
Download underlying data No Retrieve CNV, variant, RNAseq, single-cell RNA, and other data

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