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The Join Table menu option is similar to the Merge table menu option, except that Merge always matches row and column names, while the Join command allows specifying matching columns. In addition, the Join command can only be performed on two tables, whereas Merge can be performed on multiple tables. However, the Join command is the more powerful of the two commands, when greater specification is needed on matching and columns to merge. It can be accessed by going to: Table | Join:

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Input Data Requirements

This command works on all “Table” objects.

Step 1: Select the tables for concatenate

First, select the source tables to join:


Step 2: Specify the columns for join

Select from the listed columns from each table to be used in the creation of the new Table object.


For each table, the user is presented with checkboxes for

  • Drop multiples: drops duplicates from that table.
  • Drop unmatched: drops unmatched rows to that table.
    • If Drop unmatched is selected for Table 1, then any rows of Table 2 that aren't matched to Table 1 will be dropped.
  • An "Output table name" is available in the Join Tables window to allow the user to name the newly generated Table object.

Step 3: Specify the matching mechanism

Clicking on the Specify matching mechanism button brings up the Matching Tables window, described below.


  • Clicking the Add button will add each matching column, for output in the new Table object.

Output Results

A new table will be created in the Solution Explorer, containing the joined information as defined above. Please refer to Example Usage for a specific case.

Example Usage

Here is an example of using "Join Tables" module:

Two tables below are the tables we want to join, they have the same value in one column - Sample:





In the "Join Tables" window, select the two tables for joining, and select Time Column in the fist table, and all columns in the second table:


The "Matching Tables" window allows the user to specify the columns in the first table that matches that of the column in the second table. In the example shown, the columns have the same name, but that need not be the case).


The joined table will contain the columns selected in the "Join Table" window:


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