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An Introduction to OmicSoft Products

OmicSoft provides enterprise-level solutions for analyzing, visualizing, and managing data from NGS and microarray experiments. The following videos provide brief introductions to OmicSoft, as well as quick-start guides to using Array Studio/ArrayServer and OmicSoft Lands.

An overview of OmicSoft

With OmicSoft, the analysis interface (Array Studio), Network Data/sample management platform (ArrayServer), and -Omic data Interface/Database (ArrayLands) integrate to support scientific discoveries.

Quick Start: Analysis of your first RNA-seq project

The Array Studio RNA-seq pipeline function enables efficient processing of routine RNA-seq data, including quality control metrics, alignment, quantification, and mutation identification. It only takes a few mouse-clicks to use your ArrayServer's computing power, including High-Performance Clusters and Cloud-enabled servers, to process your data to share with colleagues.

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Quick Start: Explore OmicSoft Lands

OmicSoft Lands are user-friendly interfaces to large-scale -Omic databases, which have been carefully curated by OmicSoft scientists to ensure reliability and consistency. This video will demonstrate how to quickly begin exploring your favorite Land.

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