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An inference report is a type of Table.

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Array Studio statistical inference modules, such as General Linear Model or ANOVA, will generally output an Inference Report. For each statistical test (group), one or more columns will be generated, containing Raw and Adjusted P-value, Estimate, Fold-Change, Group mean, etc. Annotation metadata will often also be included.

These reports can be filtered and sorted to identify significantly up- and down-regulated variables in different comparisons, and can be summarized with Summarize Inference Report.

Data in Inference Reports are often visualized in Volcano Plots:

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Importing Inference Tables

When importing a table with fold-change/p-values, it is important to set the Group column for each comparison. That is, each set of Fold-change/P-value columns for a comparison should be assigned the same Group name, and different comparisons should have different Group names, such as PD1response => NonResponder vs Responder and PD1response => NonResponder vs PartialResponder.

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