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Export Genotype Data

The Export Genotype Data OmicData menu item allows the user to export, in a variety of specific formats, the genotype data from Array Studio.


  • First, the user must choose which project and dataset the export function should be run on.
  • Next, the user can specific which variables and observations to export. The different exporting format include:
    • a PED file
    • Transposed PED file
    • Stacked file (one genotype per row)
    • Stacked file with covariates (one genotype per row)
    • Additive and dominance components (SNP data only)
    • 0/1/2, where 0=minor allele homogenous (SNP only)
    • 2/1/0, where 2=minor allele homogenous (SNP only)
  • The user can also set the output folder for the results.