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Upload Data (GeneGo)

The Upload Data To GeneGo OmicData menu item allows the user to upload a list of variables, along with inference report results (i.e. fold changes, p-values, etc..) to GeneGo for the creation of a new dataset. Array Studio assumes that the user has a fully functional GeneGo account. Upon selecting the command, the user will be asked to login:


Once logged in, the "Upload Data to GeneGo window is presented:


Selections can be made on which rows should be included in the upload (options include "all", "selected", "visible", and any pre-generated Lists). The user should select the List of variables/genes/etc.. to upload here.

The Options section allows the user to:

  • Set the ID column to be used for uploading. This allows the user to choose any column in the Inference Table.
  • ID type is a dropdown box that allows the user to select the type of ID to be uploaded, based on the previously set ID column. There are many available ID types which are listed below:

GeneGoUpload2.png GeneGoUpload3.png

  • The user can specify the Folder name under which the dataset should be created.
  • The user can also specify the Experiment name, for the name of the new dataset created within GeneGo.
  • The user can choose to Fill value with either Estimate or Fold change, and Fill pvalue with either Raw p-value or Adjusted p-value.
  • Clicking Submit will submit the data for creation of a new GeneGo dataset.