Filter Variables

From Array Suite Wiki

The Filter variables tab, when activated (i.e. for Project list, Inference Report, Observation, etc.), allows the user to specify filter criteria for variables (i.e. genes).

  • Clicking the Filter by a list of variables checkbox allows the user to either manually enter a list of variables, or load the list from a file, from Array Server’s list management system, or by translating a list of IDs using Array Server’s translation system.
  • The user can also set the ID type to allow for more specific mapping of variables (usually only necessary in cases where the IDs might not be unique for a particular type. Variables could be gene names, probesets, gene symbols, or anything else provided by the administrator of the server.
  • The Do not map IDs to master IDs checkbox allows the user to return results based on the IDs specified, rather than by mapping back to a master ID (i.e. Gene Symbol) and returning all the results for that symbol.
  • The Significance Filter (Filter Variables) section allows the user to filter by values from inference reports, including Estimate, Fold change, Raw PValue, Adjusted PValue, Max(LSMean), and Odds ratio.
  • The Genome Filter allows the user, in some cases, to filter using chromosomal location, or to use the Auto Fill button to automatically find a region of the chromosome. This could be useful to return projects or values for particular regions, in cases where the IDs are not mapped to Gene Symbol (i.e. SNP/CNV/CGH/Genotyping projects).