Filter Observations

From Array Suite Wiki

The Filter Observations tab allows the user to filter the observations when searching the server. So, for a particular project, if the user only wanted to see the samples with “tumor” in the design table, they might use this tab to filter their list of projects, so that when downloaded, it only downloads samples with “tumor”. This is different than doing a Project search and looking for projects that contain “tumor” in the design table, and then returning the entire project.

Filter observations by full text search allows the user to use the autofill feature to find observations that match their area of interest. Filter observations by a list of names allows the user to specify particular samples that should be returned, either by typing them in using the Project ID | DataName | ObservationID format, loading from a file, or loading from a saved list from Array Server’s list management functionality.

The user can also choose to Filter observations by a list of conditions, with instructions on how to do so shown in the window. The user can then choose whether to match all criteria and/or match any criteria within fields.