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Export –OMIC Data

The export –OMIC Data menu item allow the user to export, in a variety of formats, any data type (although there is another, specifically designed module, for exporting SNP/Genotype data).

First, the user must choose which dataset upon which to run the export command,


Upon selecting the dataset, the user is then presented with the "Choose Data Range" window:


  • The data range window lets the user choose which variables and observations should be exported, including for both variables and observations: "all"," visible", "selected" or those contained in a predefined list.
  • The "Choose List" option will open a "Select List" window where the user can select their list of interest.
  • The output data name for the resulting file can also be specified.

The user is then presented with a number of options for exporting. Options include: "Intensity Table", "Design Table", "Annotation Table", "Intensity + Annotation", "Intensity + Design", or "Stacked Data".


Clicking OK asks the user for a location to save the exported data.