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Users can download differential expression results of many genes at a time across comparisons.

Users must first create and open a project in the Analysis tab.


By default, all comparisons will be queried, but one can limit to a subset of comparisons by defining a ComparisonSet.

By default, minimal comparison metadata will be downloaded, but all metadata can be downloaded by selecting (all) in VariableSet, or specific metadata fields can be retrieved by defining a ComparisonSet.

There are three types of data that the user can download:

1) Original: This will display the data (Log2 Fold change, raw and adjusted pvalue) for all genes for the specified comparisons.

2) Gene level or matrix data: This will generate an Omic Data data type in the analysis that will show design and annotation tables for the experiments within the comparison set.

Users are now able to compare these data sets with their own analyses/other data, as well as generate additional views as described in Convert table to inference report.