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The Delete OmicData menu item permanently deletes observations or variables from a dataset. This is irreversible (unless the project changes aren't saved and then project reopened) and is different than just hiding the data by filtering, or sub-setting the data. It works on any data type. No new dataset is generated in the Solution Explorer as a result of this command.

First, the user must choose which dataset upon which to run the delete command:


Once the data set is selected, the "Delete Data" window is then presented:


  • For both variables and observations, the user can choose to delete: "selected"," unselected", "visible", "invisible", or those contained in a predefined list.
  • The user can choose to only delete certain variables but not delete any observations, or vice versa. Or, they can choose to delete both variables and observations.
  • The "Choose List" option will open a "Select List" window where the user can select their list of interest.