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Delete Columns


The Delete Columns Table menu option allows the user to delete columns from a Table object. The user can select one or more columns for deletion. Note: This permanently deletes Columns from the table, and is different than a Filter, which just hides Columns. It can be accessed by going to Table | Columns| Delete Columns.


Input Data Requirements

This command works on all Table objects, including Design Tables and Annotation tables.

Step 1: Select source table

First, it opens the "Select Data" window to allow the user to select a Table object to delete columns from:


Step 2: Select Columns to be deleted

Once selected, the user is presented with the "Delete Columns" window. The user can select single or multiple columns for deletion.


Warning.png WARNING:
1. This permanently deletes columns from the table, and is different than a Filter, which just hides columns.
2. If a column has a special mode set (e.g. Chromosome columns have the mode “Chromosome” set), the mode must be manually removed via the Column Properties command prior to removing the column, or Array Studio will throw an error message.

Output Results

Upon selecting OK, the column(s) will be permanently deleted from the table.

Example Output

Given the following starting table and delete options:



The resulted table will have the column(s) selected deleted:


Video Example

A column that was created by combining two other columns of a design table is quickly deleted.

<HTML5video type="youtube" width="900" height="506" autoplay="false"> kScnEuPOVUE ?rel=0</HTML5video>

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