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OmicSoft Server allows the administrator to define custom meta data fields that will be used for the Project and SampleSet management systems within OmicSoft Studio. This tab delimited text file, named default.template, and located in the OmicSoft Server executable directory, should contain a template with the columns shown below. When Omicsoft delivers the server to the end user, the user should get a copy of the default default.template file which can be customized by the user. Each row in the text file represents a meta data field.

FieldName Label Tab MaxChar Height InputType HideEmpty Mandatory LabelColor Description Group Organizable AllowsMultiple FieldType Validation Mode Mode2 FtsByWord
Organism Organism General 256 20 Select FALSE FALSE Black TRUE TRUE Choice FALSE
Platform Platform Platform 1024 20 Select FALSE TRUE Black FALSE TRUE Text FALSE
Species Species General 100 20 Select FALSE TRUE Black Species of Sample Sample TRUE FALSE Tree FALSE
WebInfo Website Information General 100 20 Input FALSE FALSE Black Link to description of sample Other FALSE TRUE Text WebLink FALSE
Tips.png The first eight columns have to follow the exact same order as shown above: FieldName, Label, Tab, MaxChar, Height, InputType, HideEmpty, Mandatory

Tips.png Organism and Platform are required fields in Default.template.

Predefined field names:

PubMed: This field stores PMID information. The validation for this field should be set to PubMed.

PubMedReference: This field stores reference information. This field will be automatically populated upon validation of PMID, therefore it is not editable by user. The validation for this field should not be set.

Download an example default.template here: File:Default.template

When an OmicSoft Server admin changes the contents of Default.template, changes will not be seen until OmicSoft Server is restarted.

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