Custom Tab

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The Custom tab gives the user additional flexibility in adding search terms.


Clicking Advanced allows the user to specify the search type to perform. Options include Automatic, AnyWords, AllFieldsAnyWords, AllWords, or AnyFieldsAllWords.

AnyWords will return results containing any words from any of the fields specified by the search.

AllFieldsAnyWords will return results from any words specified by an individual field but must match at least one word in each field.

AllWords will return results where all words from all fields match (strictest).

AnyFieldsAllWords will return results where all words from an individual field must match but any field can match.


Clicking Add Criterion lets the user filter by a number of meta data fields, as shown below.


Clicking Add List allows the user to enter a list of projects or accession IDs, or load this list from the server or from a text file.


Clicking Add allows the user to use autofill to add projects based on one or more criteria. For instance, in the example below, the user is adding any projects where its category matches breast neoplasms.