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Contingency Table Analysis


A potential use of this command would be generating a contingency table on a design table. It can be accessed by going to Table | Contingency Table Analysis.


Input Data Requirements

The Contingency Table Analysis command can be performed on any Table object.

The user will first be asked to choose the table for which to run the Contingency Table Analysis, then opens the Contingency Table Analysis window.

Step 1: Select source table


The user will first be asked to choose the table on which to analyze the contingency.

Step 2: Contingency Analysis

The command opens a Contingency Table Analysis window.

To set up a Contingency table, first select the first and second columns upon which to generate the table. The Rows on which to calculate the table can also be selected, including All rows, Visible rows, Selected Rows, or customized rows (via a List).

Once user has selected both the Column 1 and Column 2, the Immediate Results section will immediately show the results of the contingency table, so that user can make sure they have selected the correct columns to generate the information they wanted.

Both a Counts table and a Summary table (which includes ChiSquare.PValue, ChiSquare.PValue with Yate’s correction, Fisher.PValue, Conteingency.Coefficient, and Cramer’s V) are generated immediately.

Use the Output counts table and Output summary table checkboxes to output one or both of the tables into the Summary section of the Solution Explorer.


Output Results

Two tables will be generated under Table section, one for Counts data, and one for Summary data.


Example Usage

Following the instruction in the upper steps, two tables will be generated in the solution:

Counts Table:


Summary Table: