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Change Case


The Change Case Table menu option allows the user to change the case of the data in a particular column. The user has the option of changing the case to upper case, changing only the first letter to upper case, or changing the case to lower case. It can be accessed by going to Table | Column | Change Case.

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Input Data Requirements

The Change Case option is only available for columns containing text (e.g. factor, character, text, etc.). This command works on all “Table” objects, including Design Tables and Annotation Tables.

Step 1: Select the Source Table

The user will first be asked to choose the table that contains the columns in which to change case:


Step 2:

The Change Case window is then presented, where the user can select from the following options: "Change case to Upper Case", "First letter to upper case" or "Change case to lower case".

The user should also select one or more columns in which to change cases.


Output Results

Based on the selections in Step 2 (above), selected columns in the selected table will be changed.

Example Usage

Based on the selections in Step 2 (above), the following table will be changed accordingly. User can see the changing of the case for column of treatment: